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Nuestros servicios

  • Espacio de Trabajo

    flexible plans from day passes to your own private office.

  • conference and event rooms

    Disponibilidad de salas a tiempo real. Gestiona tus propias reservas en linea.

  • Red de Miembros

    easily connect with other members of the community

Escoge tu tarifa

  • Workweek Member



      • Unlimited visits between 8am and 5pm Monday thru Friday
      • Open seating in the common area space
      • Mail service
      • 20G wi-fi
      • Coffee, water
  • Flex-Desk Select



      • 7-Day extended hours access
      • Open seating in common area space
      • Includes 2 hours of meeting room credits (6 & 8 person)
      • Coffee and water
      • Kitchen access
      • 20G Wifi

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