There’s a new way of working and a new Cowork community in Pensacola – a business ecosystem made up of like-minded professionals in one shared, innovative space.

About cowork @nnex


cowork@nnex is a new kind of authentic community where people, from all walks of life, can connect, collaborate, and conquer their life goals. How do we do that? We do that by creating an environment that is…

…welcoming: we believe in the benefits of diversity and understand the value it brings to everyone in our ecosystem. 

…productive: we encourage each other and give each other the space we need to get it done. 

…friendly: we are here for you. We celebrate your victories and soften the fails.

…growth-oriented: we encourage and support each other’s goals and growth. 

…fun: life goals can be serious stuff ~ fun is critical to our wellbeing.

…sustainable: we strive for conscious consumption.

….healthy: we accomplish more when our minds and bodies are well, and our souls are fed. 

…connected: we know people, and we want you to know people.

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